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Corporate/LLC/Partnership Organization and Governance

Our Business Organization and Governance team has many years of experience in advising clients on the options available in organizing a business and in the day-to-day operation of their businesses. Although we often work with large corporations, the focus of the Business Organization and Governance group is to work with entrepreneurial businesses, often owned by one family or a limited number of shareholders.

We assist with the acquisition of an existing business enterprise or the organization of a completely new venture. Once the form of the business organization is selected and established we assist clients in all aspects of business operation from ownership agreements, employment contracts, real estate leases and purchases, contract formation and interpretation to sale or dissolution and winding-up of the business. The businesses represented range from professional practices to manufacturing and sales organizations.


Robert C. Bramlette

Jeanne M. Hoffmann
Brian A. Rosenblatt

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Phil Engle