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The professionals of Bryce Downey & Lenkov offer an expertise in all areas of the entertainment sector, including music, theatre, motion pictures, television, live performances, publishing, multi-media and advertising.  In the music sector our firm assists the careers of executives, recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies, songwriters and managers.  Our attorneys draft and negotiate agreements involving recording, publishing, management, production, distribution, touring, corporate sponsorship, and licensing.  We work with our clients to develop branding strategies and to protect their intellectual property rights.  In the film and television sectors we counsel studios, actors, writers, directors, producers, Hollywood special effects artists, and production companies, and negotiate and draft agreements including talent acquisitions, writer and producer agreements and production agreements.  Our experience in theatrical law ranges from drafting front money financing agreements to securing and licensing theatres for a production.  The firm represents creative talent, writers, composers, owners of underlying rights, and theatrical production companies.


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