Medical Malpractice

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Medical Malpractice

Perhaps no area of the law is more controversial than “medical malpractice” litigation.  Since the onset of the medical malpractice “crisis” more than 25 years ago, the attorneys at Bryce Downey & Lenkov LLC have been defending physicians, chiropractors and other health professionals sued for alleged “malpractice”. We have also represented drug manufacturers and manufacturers of medical devices in malpractice and product liability actions. Our attorneys have represented physicians in virtually every specialty.  In addition to representing clients at the trial and appellate court levels, our attorneys have also represented clients before licensing and regulatory agencies.

The successful defense of a professional negligence or “malpractice” claim requires more than technical expertise. Critical to the successful defense of such claims is a close working relationship with the professional client as well as an appreciation of the stigma and insult frequently experienced by professionals who are charged with violating professional standards. At Bryce Downey & Lenkov LLC, we take great pride in the results that we have obtained for our professional clients in this controversial area of law.


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